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Message from the Bermuda Run Garden Club President

Learning, Creating, Sharing The Love of Gardening

           It is an honor to be President of the Bermuda Run Garden Club for 2022-23.  Gardening has been my lifesaver when times have been difficult for me these past several months.  I can feel energy in nature through the flowers and bushes all around my neighborhood and town. It lifts me up to focus on their beauty, all of nature’s wonder and glory in the gardens around our little “Eden” here in Bermuda Run, North Carolina.  
     Learning about them fills me with awe at the miracle of their growth and the many different plant characteristics.  It is such a happy diversion from the circumstances we face that we have no control over.  Just like each of us, plants and flowers have their own differences and needs in order to thrive.  Bringing our best to them not only allows them to grow but gives us growth.  The soil, water, and leaves in our hands and on our fingers along with the scent of the petals enriches our experience, calms our moods and relaxes us mentally, physically and spiritually.  Not to mention the good dose of vitamin D we absorb.  
     Patience, a gentle hand, a watchful eye, lots of water and sun and a positive attitude prove to be the best for growth of not only our beautiful plants but also our beautiful minds and hearts.  Learning has been offered in creative ways at times, but the best way is coming together where we not only learn but we can share.  My favorite joy (other than grandchildren) is creating a work of floral art such as a new arrangement or design.  Baking goodies is another favorite! If I could “bake” up a bunch of violets I’d be ecstatic!!!  
     We are so blessed to have the best group of ladies in our club with huge amounts of experience and knowledge.  As a Master Gardener, I have learned a lot in classes, books and presentations (Zoom rocks!).  But by far, the most I have learned was through sharing with others.  Whether from my fellow master colleagues or from my wonderful garden clubbers – the sharing can’t be beat!  
     This year we have many opportunities to Learn and Create – both with practicing for our future official Flower Show and for our own education experiences.  We are very fortunate to have many  opportunities to  Share with our Special Davie County students, with Meals on Wheels seniors, the several nonprofits we provide centerpieces for their fundraisers, and the food and clothing drives for the homeless. And there are others….  
     It is my pleasure to work with all of you and I look forward to sharing in The Love of Gardening.
With Love and Joy,

BRGC 4x6 Original Watercolor Violet 100 dpi

Club Flower – Violet

“Violets – Gentle and Sweet – symbolizes promises kept”


Our Purpose

The purposes of this club are to promote interest, study, and practice in the various phases of gardening, landscaping and flower arranging and to promote education, conservation, restoration, and beautification of the community.

Membership- 39

Club Organized in June 1984

Club Federated September 1984

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