• Iris from member's garden


Message from the Bermuda Run Garden Club President

A Year of Education and Fun Going Down the Gardening Path

Welcome to our 40th Anniversary year and what a year we have planned!  Our Anniversary Luncheon will be a wonderful celebration of 40 years of our dedication to gardening, education, and giving back to our community.


At the September Anniversary Luncheon, please take time to look through the history books where you will see that Carol Quinn and this Garden Club started the recycling program in Davie County which won a National Garden Club Award!


Bermuda Run Garden Club also landscaped and planted the gardens which previously surrounded the Post Office.  Look for the pictures where Garden Club members planted, weeded and cared for the plants and flowers at the main gate garden gate bed.


Our Bermuda Run Garden Club holds quite a legacy in the North Carolina State Garden Club; for which we should all be extremely proud.  And did you know Ann Cornwell was our first President?


For our celebration Luncheon this year, we will have a workshop with the renowned Florist Designer Reggie Falser when each member creates a beautiful bouquet to take home as a big Thank You for all our efforts of the past 40 years.


We will continue to learn how to help the environment through the plants we use in our gardens with our field trip to Elderberry Creek Nursery and Farms.


My hope and goal for this year is that you learn something new at each Garden Club meeting which will enable you to improve the ecological environment around us.




Club Flower – Violet

“Violets – Gentle and Sweet – symbolizes promises kept”


Our Purpose

The purposes of this club are to promote interest, study, and practice in the various phases of gardening, landscaping and flower arranging and to promote education, conservation, restoration, and beautification of the community.  Also, to utilize various aspects of gardening to promote civic and environmental responsibility.

Membership- 39

Club Organized in June 1984

Club Federated September 1984