There are so many different types of Hydrangeas that grow here in our area.  Dear Violet’s favorite website for Hydrangeas is: You can get all the advice you need from this wonderful website. They do a great job of answering the #1 question for Hydrangeas. Why won’t my bloom? Follow their tips and advice and your Hydrangeas will be blooming very soon.

Diane Burke sent Dear Violet her trick for keeping Hydrangeas fresh as well as the beautiful mint that was in the beautiful flower arrangements at the picnic. Here’s what she does:

  1. When you go out to your yard to cut your hydrangeas, take a container of water with you. The water should be tepid, not cold. Place the cut hydrangeas directly into the water and then bring them back into your kitchen.
  2. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a medium sauce pan and then pour the water into a heat resistant cup or other container. Let cool for a minute and then get ready to dip the hydrangea stems into the boiled water. This removes a sticky sap like substance from within the stem that may block the stems ability to take in the water.
  3. Make sure you cut the stems to the length you want first, and then place the stem into the boiling water and leave 30 seconds. Remove the hydrangea stem from the boiled water and immediately place it in a vase or container with water at room temperature.
  4. Arrange the blooms as you’d like in your vase/container and ENJOY.

Great Advice. Dear Violet would only add that Hydrangeas should be cut first thing in the morning and I submerge the entire flower, stem and all in the first container of water. This hydrates the entire flower. The above method can also be used when the hydrangea flowerettes start to droop.  You can cut them again and place the stems in very hot water from the tap and they will perk right up. Works about 2 maybe 3 times before the hydrangea has had it.

Happy Gardening!