Planting Time is here again

Here we go- It’s planting time girls (and guys). BEFORE you go crazy buying the beautiful plants in our local nurseries, stop and evaluate your pots and gardens. Make note of how much sun and rain they receive. That makes a big difference in what you plant. Don’t mix sun and shade plants. Think about how much water the plants need. You don’t want plants that need watering several times a week mixed with plants that only need watered once a week. Check the manufacturer card that comes with the plants or ask someone at the nursery. Putting the right plants together will make a huge difference in the out come of your pots.

Now think about the dirt in those pots. Has the dirt been there for several years? Then there is no nutrition in the soil. I now use Bio-Tone Starter Plus by Espoma in all my pots. Robyn from Briar Patch introduced this product to us. Follow the chart on the bag for instructions for amending your soil. I will NEVER plant without this product again. It has a higher nitrogen number which promotes root growth for healthier, stronger plants. It will also help the plants “green up”.

It’s also time to plant those boxes of Wildflower blend. Pick an area that gets morning sun. The best tip “Dear Violet” can give you for planting this seed mix is to WEED the area you are planning to use for the seed mix. Then when the seeds begin to germinate, you will know it’s a flower not a weed. The instructions on the box are very easy to follow. Take pictures for Dear Violet.

Planting instructions for the Siberian Irises:

Planting the Siberian Iris is best done in a rich, fertile soil with good drainage; however, Siberian iris will perform in lean or poor soils as well. Corms can be planted in full sun to partially shady areas. Keep the soil consistently moist until the plants are established, about a year. Water established plants regularly when drought conditions exist. Feed Siberian Iris plants with a nitrogen rich fertilizer and fertilize again when the blooms are spent. Trim the flower stalks as with all bulbs leaving the leaves to store food for next years flowers. Siberian Irises can be planting in the spring; just don’t expect blooms the same year. Siberian Irises are rarely bothered by rots and borers as are the bearded irises.

Remember trim off the flower stems from your daffodils and tulips. This one simple step will insure that you have tulips and daffodils next year. By trimming the flower stems, you send a signal to the plant to put all the food energy into the bulbs for next years flowers.

Happy Gardening!


8 thoughts on “Planting Time is here again

  1. Dear Violet, your timing is perfect. I was just getting ready to replant my big patio planters I have had for 4 years now. One question- In the planter I have a 2 year old rosemary plant. Will the Bio-Tone Starter Plus harm the plant in any way? Should I add new soil too? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Dear Violet had to look up this bad bug. The good bug bad bug book suggests Parasitic warps as well as Neem, Pyrethrins or Spinosad oils as organic treatments. There’s a great article on Gardening Know on using these oils. I also checked several other sites to see if there was a chemical solution. One site suggested using a systemic Insect control such as Bonide Systemic Insect Control. this is applied to the dirt and the plant sucks up the pesticide so when the bug bites the leaf, it dies. But of course, any bug that bites the leaf dies. Good and Bad.

      • Thank you Violet, I knew all of that…I just wondered if you knew of anything else. I actually found out a lot from Good Bug/Bad Bug. I had been using Neem but still had some problems. These Leafminers get on my Dahlai Leaves and sometimes I cannot enter a certain flower because of defective foliage . I want to do a better job of getting rid of them. I am planning to buy some parasitic wasps and I planted Marigolds in my Dahalia Garden to feed them and attract others.

  2. Dear Violet, you are wonderful….thank you for the great tips and for reminding me to put new soil in my pots!!

  3. Congratulations to all involved in the creation of this website. It is fabulous. Donna is doing a terrific job with Dear Violet. We have to come up with a way to make the State Garden Club people aware of this website so we can win an award or special recognition.

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