Bluebird Habitat Project      

The bluebird project first started in 2016.  It’s purpose is twofold:Bermuda Run Garden Club

The first part of the project was to place ten bluebird nest boxes with supporting poles on the East Golf Course of the Bermuda Run Country Club the first week of March 2016.  In the spring of 2017, we doubled the number of houses to twenty!  The bluebird project is a project recommended by Audubon International.  Club Members monitor the boxes on a weekly basis during breeding season.  Our volunteers keep accurate data on nesting progress using simple monitoring charts suggested by Nest Watch, a national bluebird organization.

The second part of the project is to encourage members to erect a bluebird nest box (or 2) in their own yards.  The monitoring for these will be the same as for the ten golf course boxes.

A program on the Eastern Bluebird was presented to Members in early April of 2016.  Topics covered included general information about Eastern Bluebirds and specific information about bluebird nesting and breeding schedules, nest box requirements, monitoring and data keeping, supplementing food, and the possibility of predators.


Plant Doctors     

The Club will have three plant doctors “on Call”  to serve our Members who may encounter problems with the container plantdoctors

plants at the Bermuda Run Post Office and Town Hall.  The Plant Doctors maintain a doctor’s kit with all the necessary items and instructions for treating container plants such as:  insect, disease and mite control; insecticidal soap; fungicide; granular fertilizer; garden shears; garden gloves; The Club’s guidelines for plant care; as well as the book by Jessica Walliser,  Good Bug, Bad Bug for reference.  The plant doctors will prepare a training program for Members on how to properly care for many different varieties of plants from season-to-season.  The Good Bug Bad Bug Training Program will be given at the February and March meetings by one of our Club Members.  The Club will have three doctors “On Call” each month (see calendar section), who will serve yearly terms.  In March the doctors will pass their kits on to the Club Members who have completed the two training programs.


 Dear Violet Tab on our Bermuda Run Garden Club Website     

Our Bermuda Run Garden Club  (launched in May 2016) added a new interactive tab called “Dear Violet” (taken from our Club’s flower).  This tab offers our website visitors an opportunity to ask gardening questions for their specific need.  Our “Dear Violet” drop down box also offers tips for annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs, and trees.  There is also a section for monthly garden tips and current events within Bermuda Run and Davie County.


Club Aprons

Club Aprons are to be used by club members for certain events and/or projects.  The Club Apron Project Chairwoman oversees the distribution, collection and maintenance of all club aprons. brgcaprons2She is responsible for setting-up the requirements each Committee and/or Project Chairwoman is to follow for using the aprons.

Davie County Schools Lunch Buddies Program

This project is a Davie county public schools program that is designed to provide a child with an adult friend. Garden Club volunteers go to Pinebrook Elementary School at least once a month or more to have lunch with their “special” buddy.

Because we wanted to share our love of plants and flowers with the children, we added a gardening activity. Volunteers give their Lunch BUddies 2017buddies gardening books written especially for children, such as the book, “From Seed to Plant.” These books describe the fascinating process of how plants grow. Even some of our Garden Club volunteers learn things they didn’t know.

There are two lunches during the year where the volunteers and their lunch buddies gather to enjoy lunch together as a group. At the end of the year, a little planting project is planned so the buddies can plant their own plants to take home and watch them grow over the summer.

This is a most rewarding program for both Garden Club volunteers and their lunch buddies. 


Davie County Senior Center Bouquets (Meals on Wheels)

senior center

Davie County Senior Center


Four times a year, the Garden Club members meet to assemble fresh flower bouquets which are placed on the lunch trays of all Meals on Wheel recipients in Davie County.

The Project Chairwomen obtain and prepare the necessary supplies, including seasonal fabric and ribbon, to decorate the bouquets.

A local grocery store helps by generously donating some of the flowers for the project.


Hospice Golf and Tennis Classic

hospice centerpieces

Hospice Centerpieces


The Garden Club creates approximately 28 floral table arrangements each year for the Hospice Golf and Tennis Classic awards dinner.

This is an annual fund-raiser for the benefit of the Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home.

A portion of the proceeds are used to create and maintain a garden for the residents and their families.



Exceptional Children Program of  Davie County Public Schools

Special Needs Children

Davie County Schools

In November, the garden club provides a Thanksgiving Luncheon at the Bermuda Run Country Club for students and staff of the Exceptional Children Program of Davie County Public Schools.

Members of the garden club provide seasonal table decorations for the event and arrange for musical entertainment for their guests.

Garden club members and staff from Bermuda Run Country Club assist in preparing and serving a traditional Thanksgiving menu for the Luncheon.

Last year, approximately 175 students and staff members attended the event, which is a highlight in the children’s school year.


Bermuda Run Garden Club Endowment Fund-Community Foundation of Davie County


daviecomfound2017The Bermuda Run Garden Club Endowment Fund is a Donor-Advised Fund administered by the Davie Community Foundation. Income from the Endowment Fund may be disbursed annually and is supplemented by revenue generated from fund-raising by the Bermuda Run Garden Club. The Children’s Reading Fund and Pearls of Empowerment are two charitable projects which Bermuda Run Garden Club has chosen to focus on for 2016-17.

The Children’s Reading Fund provides summer reading camps for Davie county elementary students whose reading skills are below grade level. The gift of reading can be life changing for these chilfren. At a cost per child of $100, we hope to be able to increase participation annually.

Pearls of Empowerment is a group of women contributing to programs which benefit women and children in the Davie community. This is the Garden Club’s seventh year of membership in Pearls.


Public Library of Davie County

Public Library

Davie County Public Library


The Garden Club makes an annual donation to the Davie County Public Library for the purchase of books on horticulture and floral design.





storehouse2017A Storehouse for Jesus

The Garden Club sponsors several projects for the Storehouse for Jesus of Davie County.

August 2017          Check for School Supplies

September 2017   Food Collection Drive

October 2017        Blankets and Pajama Drive

November 2017    Purchase Thanksgiving Turkeys

March 2018           Food Collection Drive