Deadheading is #1 job in June

Before you rush out and start trimming nad deadheading, take a minute and read New Garden’s Landscaping and Nursery Summer 2016 newsletter.

Most perennials an annuals will benefit from deadheading. Here’s a few specific tips:

Peonies: You need to cut off the spent blooms down to the first leave pass the blooms for more blooms next year. Dear Violet’s favorite website for al things Peonies is

Perennials Chrysanthemums: Pinch or cut them back for bushier growth and more blooms in the fall. Make sure to get all the flowers buds. If not, they will bloom June and July and not in the fall when we want them to be showy.

Day lilies: Pinch (don’t pull) off spent blooms daily. When the stalk is empty and still green, cut it to the ground. When all stalks are finished blooming and have been removed: fertilize and water well and most day lilies with bloom a second round. Day Lilies get their names from the fact that the bloom is only open for one day.

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