Amaryllis Bulbs

How to Plant and Care for Amaryllis Bulbs

What you need to plant an amaryllis bulbs

POT – Size does matter! The pot should be 1 – 1 1/2 inches bigger than the bulb. Amaryllis bulbs must be pot bound to bloom as well as to support the large stems. Weight matters too! The large stems and flowers will topple over a plastic pot. A heavy clay pot and saucer with a drainage hole is recommended.

PRE-SOAK BULB – Bulbs are very dry when you buy them. They need to be pre-soaked before planting. To do this place the bulb in a small container that will allow it to be half way submerged and soak in tepid water for 3-8 hours.

GOOD QUALITY POTTING SOIL – Select a type used for indoor plants.


1.  Tilt the pot to the side and fill one third of the way with soil.

2.  Place bulb in pot and allow roots to spread across the bottom.

3.  Tilt pot back to normal with soil two-thirds the way up the bulb. The top one-third of the bulb should be out of the dirt. DO NOT SUBMERGE COMPLETELY IN THE DIRT.

4.  It should take four to six weeks for bulb to bloom. Flower stem will lean towards the sun so you will need to turn the pot every few days to keep the stems straight.

5.  Water bulb throughly (at least one cup) being careful not to get water down the neck. Let extra water drain through. THEN DO NOT WATER AGAIN FOR ONE WEEK. Mark your calendar. Then water again about one-half cup weekly depending upon how dry the soil feels. Don’t let bulbs sit in water. It will rot!

After Blooming

1. After all the flowers have bloomed on the stem, cut off stem down to the neck. DO NOT CUT OFF LEAVES. A lot of bulbs will have a second stem of flowers and the bulb needs the leaves to store fuel to rebloom.

2.Continue to water (half cup per week) until May when bulbs can summer outside in the shade. Bulbs will die if they are not watered until dormant stage. Check Dear Violet posts in July for how to store the bulbs so they will rebloom next December.




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  1. Dear Violet, thanks so much for making replanting my Amaryllis bulb so easy to do. Loved how precise the directions are. Can’t wait for it to bloom again!

    • Hi Diane, Just added a new post to help with your Amaryllis bulbs. Thanks for reading our website page. Happy Gardening. Dear Violet

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