Amaryllis Part 3

Now that the torrential rains have stopped, your Amaryllis bulbs in their original pots with the only the leaves because you have trimmed the dead stems off, can go outside. Place them in morning sun/afternoon shade. Keep them watered and also fertilize them every 2 weeks or so. Dear Violet uses a liquid sprayer attached to my hose. Makes it so must faster to fertilizer all my pots.

Check out the web site’s directions for more inform on summering Amaryllis bulbs outside. More inform to come in August on how to force the bulbs for a December bloom.

You can also plant them outside in the ground BUT you must plant them in a south facing garden. Dear Violet’s are also planted close to a stone wall which helps them stay warm during the weather. We are right on the line for Amaryllis bulbs surviving our winters. Please follow the directions at this website for planting them outdoors.


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