WEED IN THE COOL-COOL-COOL OF THE EVENING – If weeds have grown so large that pulling them will disturb roots of nearby garden plants, do the weeding in late afternoon or in cloudy weather. By so doing, you give nearby injured or disturbed plants time to repair the damage before they again face the hot summer sun.


Chrysanthemums – an excellent perennial flower for fall color. Plant rooted cuttings in flower beds, planters, or tubs on patio. Pinch out the tips of garden mums to encourage lower, compact plants with many flowers.

Copper P1ant (Acalypha) – a bronze or copper-colored plant that thrives in full sun. Needs winter protection.

Alternanthera (Joseph’s Coat) – a low, creeping annual that is very colorful in summer and fall.

Impatiens and Coleus – annuals of many different colors. Plant in partial shade.

Flowering cabbage (kale), Ornamental peppers, and Jerusalem cherries are tender annuals grown from seed in the spring. (Keep away from children).

Daylilies – Tubers of daylilies (hemerocallis) may be planted at almost anytime of year but “take” well when planted in early spring or late summer. Stems vary in height from 6 inches to 6 feet. By selecting varieties that bloom at different times, you can have flowers all summer. Leave tubers in the ground until they become crowded – usually 3 – 4 years. Daylily proliferations are those grass-like stalks. They may be pulled off and rooted in moist sand for more plants of good varieties you wish to multiply.

Pansy seed – Late in July, place pansy seed in the refrigerator (not home freezer) for 10 – 14 days. Then plant in flats or plant bed outdoors.

SHADE TREES MAY NEED MORE WATER. Shade trees in declining health may simply be thirsty. Most of the water should be placed at the outer reaches of the root system where the small root hairs which take up the soil moisture are located. When you water a tree, water deeply – apply sufficient water so the soil is quite moist to a depth of at least one foot.

BAGWORMS ON EVERGREENS Hand pick the bags (or use Dipel spray).

ROOT CUTTINGS OF AZALEA, CAMELLIA, AND HOLLY. Use a soil mix of equal parts peat moss and either perlite or sand.

GIVE LANDSCAPE PLANTS A SECOND feeding of fertilizer to increase size.

STOP PINCHING chrysanthemums mid-July.

REMEMBER TO CHANGE directions when mowing lawn,

PINCH BACK old bloom heads of rhododendrons.

BLOSSOM END ROT on tomatoes? Too little water or too little lime may be the reason.

STAKE TALL flowers or vegetables.

REMOVE last vestiges of daffodil foliage.

DEADHEAD annuals. (Pick off dead blooms)

WATCH FOR WHITEFLIES – Control with malathion, insecticidal soap, or summer oil. Repeat application at least once a week.

PRUNE bleeder trees such as maple, dogwood, birch, and elm. Prune hedges as needed.


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